servo-controlled 3-way vacuum solenoid valves with 2 electric coils

servo-controlled 3-way vacuum solenoid valves with 2 electric coils


These solenoid valves have the same function and the same structure as the previous ones. Their distinctive features are the two coils that with a simple electric impulse,exchange the shutter positions and keep them in this position till the next impulse even in absence of compressed air at the servo control and of electric current.

For this feature, they are especially indicated in all those cases which require a safe connection to the vacuum source, even in absence of electric or pneumatic supply.

The standard electric coils are fully plasticised with synthetic resin, tight execution,insulation class F (up to 155 °C) compliant with VDE standards.

Allowed tolerance on the voltage nominal value: ±10%.Max. absorption: 8 ÷ 16.5 V.A. with AC and 6.5 ÷ 16 W with DC.The electric coils can be rotated by 360°. The connector can be rotated by 180° on the coils and can be supplied, upon request, with Led lights, anti-interference circuit and/or with protection devices against overvoltage and polarity reversal.

Technical features

Working pressure: from 0.5 to 3000 mbar abs.

Servo-control pressure: from 4 to 7 bar.

Temperature of the sucked fluid: from -5 to +60 °C